Our Vision

Imagine Christ Community Church as a people... 

• so enraptured by belonging to Jesus that it spills out and enfolds those around us, 
• so committed to each other that we "do life" together, humbly offering grace and accountability, 
• so restored by Jesus' grace and forgiveness that we offer that same freedom to others, 
• so transformed by the Holy Spirit that we contagiously draw others to Jesus.

We believe that this is the work that God wants to do among us as a local church as we humbly and lovingly serve our community while at work, as we give our time volunteering in local projects, or just by being good neighbours.

We believe that He wants to accomplish this by deepening the sense of loving 
responsibility and belonging we have to each other as part of Christ Community Church and by inviting those who do not know him or are already a part of his family to find a place of belonging with us.