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West Coast



We're looking to partner with ministries who are passionate about mission and growing their leaders.


Join us for a week or weekend - we'll provide service opportunities that will make a difference and grow your leaders + a chance to strengthen relationships with your team while playing on Canada's beautiful West Coast.

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Why Ucluelet?

Christ Community Church is a small, relationally-based church family with a heart for Jesus and fruitful ministry with our neighbours. Our small size and location has some benefits for sure, but we also need help from others to serve the next generation well.

Thus our desire to partner with various ministries in our region to both provide an opportunity for your teams' growth and the expansion of our service to children and youth.


Come serve with us and enjoy "Life on the Edge" - play on the beaches, explore our beautiful parks and trails, skate parks, playing fields, and more. 

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Youth groups, high school and college campus ministries, church groups, sports and other creative ministries.


Weekend and week-long spring and summer break opportunities are available beginning summer 2021, and we'll work with you as best we can on dates that fit your ministry calendar


We have a simple application process - and look forward to hearing from you!

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