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About Us

Our Mission


We are a community of followers

of Jesus Christ
committed to live by faith,
to be known by love,
and to be a voice of hope

in Ucluelet, Hitacu,

and the surrounding area.

Our Renewing Vision

To be a hub of discipleship and leadership development for young adults who will help us minister to people of all ages and cultures on the West Coast, and from here to the nations.

We are pursuing this vision through long-term partnerships with youth groups, churches and other regional ministries, and by providing discipleship opportunities and internships for young adults aged 19-30.

Imagine yourself with a group of friends who are...

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• so enraptured by belonging to Jesus that their enthusiasm spills out and enfolds those around them.

• so committed to each other that they do life

together, humbly offering each other patience, understanding, forgiveness and accountability.

• so restored by Jesus' grace and forgiveness that they want to offer that same freedom to others.

• so transformed by the Holy Spirit that they can't help but draw others to Jesus.

We believe that this is the work that God wants to do among us as a local church as we humbly and lovingly serve our community while at work, while volunteering in local projects, or just by being good neighbors.

We believe that He wants to accomplish this by deepening the sense of loving responsibility and belonging we have towards each other as part of Christ Community Church. We welcome those who are seeking for a deeper meaning to life, as well as those who have found it in Jesus, to join us in celebrating the new beginnings he offers each one of us.

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