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Summer 2024 (May 1 - August 27)

Christ Community Church is excited to host several young adults who share our passion to lovingly serve God and neighbour and are willing to partner with us in Ucluelet and Hitacu. You’ll enjoy significant opportunities to grow as a follower of Jesus and a leader in the church, earn money while making relational connections through part-time employment in the community, and have some amazing opportunities to play on the West Coast of Vancouver Island!! Check out the details below!

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Our 2024 summer practicum placements will provide college students and other young adults with a variety of ministry experiences both in and outside the church.


Our church family is committed to mentoring you and fostering opportunities for your personal and vocational growth as you help us better fulfill our mission in the community through a practicum averaging 8-10 hours / week.


Summer interns will be asked to pursue part-time seasonal employment in Ucluelet and area as a means of building relationships and engaging in the broader community (approx. 30 hours each week).


We will also seek to provide accommodations within the church or with a host family for 2-4 interns.


Practicum Opportunities

After a period of orientation you will have opportunities to serve in a variety of areas in both church and community, and we can work with you towards fulfilling your specific practicum goals.


Your 10 hours of service with the church each week might include (but is not limited to):


Creative Ministry Opportunities

with Youth and Families

Helping with our current ministry

to children and families.

Initiating several community events to build new relational connections

with our neighbours.

Helping to promote and host some form of

activity-centred camps during the summer for children &/or youth.


Creative Ministry to Young Adults

Building relationships with other seasonal workers and local young adults,

and ministering to them through hospitality.

Identifying local young adults' specific needs or interests, and discerning what types of ministry opportunities or events might help us to meet those needs or interests.

Online Ministry

Helping increase our social media presence.

Helping increase interaction via our website.

Helping with ZOOM or other means of utilizing video for ministry.

Relational Ministry within the Church

Connecting with our church family over a coffee or meals, outdoor potlucks,

barbeques, hikes or fun at the beach.

Participating in and/or leading prayer meetings as your work schedule allows.


Leadership Meetings / Ministry Prep

Participating in an evening church board meeting once each month.

Attending other ministry meetings

and preparing with team members once or twice each month.

Leadership in Our Sunday Morning Worship Services

(online and/or in-person as COVID protocols allow)


Leading Worship

Children’s Ministry

Prayer Ministry

Teaching / Preaching


We will work with the successful applicants to plan a practicum that matches your gifts and goals while also providing opportunities for growth in new areas of service.

As noted above, in addition to your practicum with the church, you will seek approximately 30 hours a week of work in the service industry in Ucluelet. This is an important part of your practicum, and an intentional means of building relationships with others in our community, gaining experience in bi-vocational ministry, and earning money towards your schooling and other expenses.


Christ Community Church has historically provided shelter for ministry staff and others in need on the church premises, in addition to hosting youth groups and other ministry teams in the main part of the building.


We have recently returned one room to its original use as a bedroom, and the kitchen, bathroom and a small fellowship / dining area will be multi-purpose spaces – used 2-3 times each week for church activities, and also by those living in that space the rest of the week. Care will be taken to honour your privacy and personal belongings.


The bedroom will be shared by two participants of the same gender and furnished with two beds, two wardrobes and a private sitting area. A second housing option for 2 additional interns or a married couple is available as well.

Making Notes
Sunset Kayak


Interns will be supervised through a weekly meeting with the church’s leadership coach and/or one of the church elders, in addition to any required supervisory meetings with representatives from your school.

Anything else?

Students considering a practicum with us should have a sense of adventure, a willingness to help pioneer new works and ways of ministry, and a desire to thoughtfully engage with our team as we face various new challenges together. 


If you have additional questions drop us a line via email, or if you're ready to apply we have a simple application form to initiate the application process.

Either way, we look forward to hearing from you!

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